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Rwebel Mag publishes stories across the journalistic spectrum that give a thoughtful glance at culture and difference. These stories are categorized into the following sections

  • Art Echo (Art posts)
  • Culture Digest (Culture stories)
  • Global Citizen (World news and culture)
  • Oracle (Self-help stories)
  • Rwebel Rouser (Activism stories)
  • Rwebel Observer (Investigative stories)
  • Rwebel Reporter (News stories)
  • This is U.S. (Politics)
  • The Archivist (Stories about the Black Press)
  • Noise (Making noise about abuse culture)
  • XYZ (Stories of intersectionality)
  • Athletic Aesthetic (Sports stories)

This list is not considered complete, and we are open to suggestions. If there’s a column you think Rwebel should explore, shoot me an email. As our coverage grows, so will our columns. Here are our latest headlines:

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  • Javanna Plummer

    Javanna is the editor of "Rwebel Magazine," the architect behind "Rwebel Radio," and the pioneering force of "Xscape." Through her words, Javanna hopes to inspire creativity, passion, and forward-thinking.