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  • The Uncomfortable Truth about Hip Hop
    Trigger Warning: The following article contains detailed descriptions of domestic and sexual violence. Reader discretion…
Javanna is the editor of “Rwebel Magazine,” the architect behind “Rwebel Radio,” and the pioneering force of “Xscape.” Through her words, Javanna hopes to inspire creativity, passion and forward-thinking.
Zora Viel (they/them) is a 22-year-old journalist from Boston and an alum from the University of Florida College of Journalism. They began thier life as a community organizer in 2018. Since then, their work focuses on uplifting marginalized communities through mutual aid, direct action, writing and more. 
Michael-Marie Thomas is a freelance writer for Rwebel, where she covers Art and Culture.
Nia Norris is a solutions and culture journalist in Chicago, IL. Her work has appeared in Next City, Kirkus, and Romper among other publications.
Jaclyn Modise is an Integrated Communications graduate from the Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria, South Africa. Specialising in International Communications, Relations and Research. 
Anzhe Zhang is a content and popular culture writer based in Brooklyn with bylines in Slant, The FADER, and Subtitle. As a culture writer, his areas of interest include: AAPI issues, global media, and burgeoning subcultures.
Dr. Diana Rangaves, Google Scholar, holds a Doctorate from the University of California. She has extensive experience and expertise in the leadership and business sectors as a CEO, clinical pharmacist, consultant, and academic professor.
Jasmine Smith earned her Bachelor’s degree from Columbia College Chicago. Although she majored in magazine journalism, her work can be found on all platforms including online, print, blogs and social media. Her love for journalism doesn’t just stop at writing, she’s hands on with every aspect of putting projects together from editing and web development to reporting and researching.  Her work can be found on The Celebrity Cafe, Chicago Talks and Felix Magazine.
Tahlor Riveria is a Chicago native who has over 10 years of experience in writing, music, and art. Their passions are creativity, nature, and activism.

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  • Javanna Plummer

    Javanna is the editor of "Rwebel Magazine," the architect behind "Rwebel Radio," and the pioneering force of "Xscape." Through her words, Javanna hopes to inspire creativity, passion, and forward-thinking.