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Ace Dixon is a little Black girl from the Southside of Chicago facing a huge conflict: her nuclear family is falling apart. With the onset of Black migration, Mrs. Dixon wants to retire to the suburbs, while Mr. Dixon wants to build his own church with money he’s made from being a truck driver. Bridged by their fundamental differences, Mrs. Dixon does the unthinkable: she files for divorce. It is the summer of 1976, and Ace and her sister Chloe will have to drum up creative ways to navigate Black girlhood in 1970s Chicago.

In the author’s words, “Chaos and Magic” is the resistance, as told by Black women of the past, present and future. Chaos and Magic will be the third novel from Javanna Plummer. Told primarily from the perspective of Zola Reaux, a wide eyed Poet with a firecracker personality, Chaos and Magic will explore the aftermath of fempires in Afromerica and King Crowe’s wrath reigning down upon the previously sovereign territories. This novel will be chockful of adventure, enchanment, and mayhem!

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With a baby on the way, a business to run, and an impatient boyfriend, Monique has her work cut out for her. In “Mo’s Mix,” she goes on a journey inside herself – asking questions such as, “Am I ready for motherhood?” At the end of “Mo’s Mix,” readers were told that Andre had quit his job although Monique had decided to keep his baby. The effects of these actions will be explained in “Queen-dom.” In this exclusive paperback version of both ebooks, you get double the trouble, double the laughs, and double the tears.


  • Javanna Plummer

    Javanna is the editor of "Rwebel Magazine," the architect behind "Rwebel Radio," and the pioneering force of "Xscape." Through her words, Javanna hopes to inspire creativity, passion, and forward-thinking.