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Rwebel hires employees on an as-need basis. What this means is that we are, essentially, always hiring. Join our growing team by sending your resume and cover letter to Rwebel is currently building our network of freelancers, who will select one of our editorial columns and produce ad-hoc pieces for that column. After successfully submitting a resume and cover letter, freelancers will be added to our database and our email list for freelance calls.


  • Write an ad hoc article for selected column(s)
  • Maintain a portfolio of published work that can be shared with prospective clients
  • Prepare an article for publication by researching topics, collecting data, conducting interviews, writing drafts, submitting to editors for review, and fact-checking


  • Education: Freelancers need a degree in English, Journalism, or a related communications field. Candidates with 2-5 years of experience in the field will be considered.
  • Training & Experience: Freelance writers often have a background in writing and editing. They may have worked as journalists, editors, or technical writers. They may have worked in the publishing industry or as a copywriter.
  • Work Authorization: Candidates do not need to have US Work Authorization, as this will be a remote position.


  • Communication: Communication is the act of conveying information to another person. As a freelance writer, you may be communicating with clients, other writers, editors, and other individuals involved in the production of a written work. Strong communication skills can help you to convey your ideas clearly and to understand the ideas of others.
  • Research: Researching is the ability to find and interpret information. Freelance writers often conduct research to find topics to write about and to find information to support their writing. This includes searching for information on the internet, reading books and articles, and interviewing people.
  • Time management: Freelance writers often have multiple clients and projects at once. Having good time management skills can help you meet deadlines and maintain a healthy work-life balance. You can also use time management skills to help you prioritize your work and make the most of your time.
  • Editing: After a freelancer writes a piece, they may need to edit it. This can include proofreading for grammar and spelling errors, but it can also mean making changes to the structure of the piece. Freelance writers may also need to edit other people’s work, which can mean knowing how to edit other people’s writing styles.
  • Creativity: Freelance writers often work on marketing campaigns, sales promotions, and social media posts, all of which require creativity. Creativity can also help you think of new topics to write about.


  • Javanna Plummer

    Javanna is the editor of "Rwebel Magazine," the architect behind "Rwebel Radio," and the pioneering force of "Xscape." Through her words, Javanna hopes to inspire creativity, passion, and forward-thinking.