Are We Still Blackfishing in 2021?


Singer/rapper DaniLeigh taking a selfie. (Credit: The Shade Room)

Yesterday, rapper and singer DaniLeigh sparked backlash after posting a snippet of a song called “Yellow Bone.” Leigh, who is of Dominican descent, claims the song was meant to uplift “light skinned baddies.” After the backlash, Leigh took down the Instagram post and issued an apology, which some celebrities thought was ingenuine.

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Fellow rapper Chika tweeted: “[T]his is a terrible response to valid criticism.” She also added, “[N]o shade. [A]s a black woman, you should be more than aware of colorism & why this song wouldn’t sit well with a black audience. [I]t doesn’t feel good having a billion people at your neck, but it’s not about being ‘canceled.’ [I]t’s about taking accountability.”

This is not the first time Leigh has sparked controversy. Previously, she was under fire for using the N word in since-deleted tweets and also tweeting, “I look like a black girl haha.”  She also used the N word on a song with G Eazy.

Morevover, Leigh posted screenshots of DNA results showing that she does have some African ancestry, but some believe she is not Black. Although her race is a topic of debate, her song was tone deaf, as it brought up conversations surrounding colorism.

Some even mentioned how Leigh’s boyfriend DaBaby left MeMe, his baby’s mother, who is dark skinned, for Leigh, who is fairer skinned. These skeptics thought the song might be a slight to the baby mother. When Leigh posted the song to her Instagram, she wrote, “Why can’t I make a song for my light skin baddies ?? Why y’all think I’m hating on other colors when there are millions of songs speaking on all types..why y’all so sensitive and take it personal .. gahhhh damn.”

The issue that people took with the song is that Leigh referred to herself as a “yellow bone,” a term reserved for light skinned Black women. Moreover, even if Leigh is Black, the song puts light skinned women on a pedestal when they are already more uplifted in society than dark skinned women.

In an interview for Rwebel Radio, Josiah Plummer said, “Most of the poppin’ women or poppin’ men [in entertainment] are light skinned.” At the top of the charts are light skinned and white artists like Doja Cat, Saweetie, and Ariana Grande. Plummer added that talented dark-skinned artists like Dreezy and Tink are better than their white and light counterparts, in his opinion, yet they do not receive the same recognition.


“Compare Saweetie and Flo Milli,” he stated. Although Flo Milli has recently gained more popularity, she represents the exception, not the rule. Dreezy, who has been making music since 2012 has half the recognition of Saweetie, and Plummer thinks that colorism is the reason for it.

So, when a white Latina like Dani Leigh releases a song uplifting so called “light skinned baddies,” it is going to be received poorly, as it perpetuates the very thing we are actively trying to eradicate. ~


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