About Us

Our Founding Story

In 2019, Javanna Plummer was a graduate student at Northwestern University, and I noticed something: she was the minority. A year before, she had graduated from Tuskegee University, where she saw a diverse student body, so this was a culture shock. More importantly, this was representative of the news field. Growing up in Chicago, she had developed a disdain toward major news outlets because of how they portrayed Black people in Chicago, and she knew that there was more to their stories. Thus, she founded Rwebel Media as a new way to tell stories.

Mission and Message

Our mission boils down to our name: Rwebel. This unconventional way of spelling a popular word is meant to symbolize how we uphold the voices of marginalized communities. Our motto is: the W is silent, but we are not. We are not traditional media, so we report our stories from a slant because we believe in the power of our lived experiences. However, our stories are fact-based, culturally competent, and relevant. To bring these stories to life, we utilize three avenues: Rwebel Mag (our digital publication), Rwebel Reels (our production arm), and Rwebel’s Xscape (our literary and editing service).

Our Team

Javanna Plummer, Rwebel in Chief

Javanna is Rwebel’s founder and CEO. Affectionately dubbing herself the “Rwebel in Chief,” Javanna is the visionary behind the operations, website, and publishing.


Dr. Diana Rangaves

News Editor

Diana Rangaves is a full-time writer, editor, award-winning teacher and pharmacist. She will contribute stories regarding trending news topics.

Clifford Varnado Jr.


Clifford Varnado Jr. is our resident Historian at Rwebel Media. An artist with a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Photography from Columbia College Chicago, Clifford’s journey into politics began with the Trayvon Martin verdict. Due to the inadequate response, he says, he began conducting research into history and politics.


  • Javanna is the editor of "Rwebel Magazine," the architect behind "Rwebel Radio," and the pioneering force of "Xscape." Through her words, Javanna hopes to inspire creativity, passion, and forward-thinking.

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